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Why Choose Us?

The Syncro -IT team work closely with our clients to create and maintain IT systems tailored to the way your business works. We provide support in maintaining and improving your system so that it runs smoothly and cost effectively. We have satisfied clients that have been with us 10+ years who give us repeat business. We like to think that’s because our strong dedicated team are passionate about the services we provide and that we understand that your system is there to enable your business to run smoothly, effectively and with little fuss.



Why have IT Support arrangements in place?

Your business cannot afford to grind to a standstill because of IT support issues. At some point, most businesses will need the services of experienced IT technicians but many find they cannot justify the expense of employing full time computer engineers to sit around just in case something goes wrong. In these instances, it makes sense to work in partnership with Syncro -IT. We are a dedicated computer support company employing trained experts in IT, who you can call upon as and when you need help. We work with many companies on this basis and we are also on hand to help you plan and execute your own bespoke IT strategy should you wish to upgrade or expand your existing systems.  

If you can’t justify employing full time IT staff, we offer support services to keep your systems working by offering trained IT Specialists to help deal with IT issues and get your business back on track as quickly as possible.

We have support agreements to suit all types of business, each one tailored to your needs whether you wish to spread any costs and pay monthly or if you prefer to pay as you go!

For companies simply looking for IT support ad-hoc, without committing to an on-going package our pay-as-you-go option is perfect for you. No monthly fee, you only pay for the support required.



Software is a necessity to all companies looking to succeed in today’s environment. The technology world is ever-evolving, new software solutions seem to be released on a daily basis. Syncro-IT offers a variety of different software solutions, allowing businesses to fix or improve their existing solutions and evolve with the times. You deserve to work with a company that will put your software requirements first and provide you with a sustainable solution to meet your needs. Our software support services have assisted many companies in overcoming problems that they were experiencing with their existing software, whether it is operating system issues, back office software or anti-virus solutions, Syncro have a solution to the problems you may face. We specialise in supporting the following types of software: -

Server Software - Microsoft Small Business Server, Windows Server Essentials, Windows Server 2012.

Cloud Platforms - Office 365, Azure, G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Domains).

PC Operating Systems and Software - Windows 10, Microsoft Office, SAGE, BACS. We recognise that users may have legacy systems which for various reasons may not be up to date.  We can also help with older systems such as NT, Windows Server 2000 -2011, Windows 7 etc.

Anti-Virus Software - To prevent and remove viruses from your system.

Remote Desktop Services - Access to your computer from anywhere.

Firewall and Security Solutions - Ensuring your data is secure.


Retail Management Hero, the successor to Microsoft Dynamics Retail. 


Syncro have many years experience in RMS. After installing solutions on the RMS platform, despite the product becoming end of life, we continue to support businesses still running this Microsoft POS solution.



The Syncro-IT hardware support team are fully versed in the latest PC technology. Under contract we provide comprehensive PC hardware maintenance for your workstations and can assist you promptly in the event of a hardware failure. Not only can our technicians provide on-going support for your devices, but we can also advise businesses on upgrading or replacing hardware.



Syncro-IT provide data recovery and backup services. We can recover data from damaged disk drives and provide regular backups for your data to ensure that no information is permanently lost in the event of data recovery being required.



Cloud services allow you to remain connected to other users on a range of devices and reduce the need for investment in software and hardware. Syncro-IT can advise you on Cloud solutions, which can help transform your business.