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Software Support

Syncro-IT software support services offer businesses the opportunity to improve their existing solutions and fix any issues that you are experiencing. We will analysis your software requirements and seek to provide you with a viable solution.

Hardware Support

Syncro-IT hardware support team can assist you promptly in the event of a hardware failure. Not only can our technicians provide on-going support for your devices, but we also can advise businesses on upgrading or replacing hardware.

Data Recovery

Syncro-IT provide data recovery and backup services. We can recover data from damaged disk drives and provide regular backups for your data to ensure that no information is permanently lost in the event of data recovery being required.

Cloud Services

Syncro-IT can provide you with Cloud solutions, which can help transform your business. Cloud services allow you to remain connected to other users on a range of devices, and reduce the need for investment in software and hardware.

Software Support

Software is a necessity to all companies looking to succeed in today’s environment. The technology world is ever-evolving, new software solutions seem to be released on a daily basis.

Syncro-IT offers a variety of different software solutions, allowing businesses to fix or improve their existing solutions and evolve with the times. You deserve to work with a company that will put your software requirements first, and provide you with a sustainable solution to meet your needs.

Our software support services have assisted many companies in overcoming problems that they were experiencing with their existing software. Whether it is operating system issues, back office software or anti-virus solutions, Syncro have a solution to the problems you may face.

We specialise in supporting the following types of software: -

Our technical team are able to advise you on all types of software in order to find the most cost-effective solution to your requirements.

Syncro-IT provide expert advice and support on all software problems that you may experience.





Syncro-IT makes the implementation of new devices and software as pain-free as possible.

This includes the setting up of hardware, installing software and providing a full training program to ensure you know what you are doing and are confident in the software.

Our specialist training service covers the following software solutions: -

We offer the very best in comprehensive Magento and RMS training.

Hardware & Support

If your company ever suffers a hardware failure, you need an IT support company that you can trust to get your system back up and working as quickly as possible. Syncro-IT offers the very best service for hardware support and network trouble shooting.

Your business is important to us. We understand how frustrating it can be when your systems aren’t working. Syncro-IT can offer EPOS Till support when you need it most. Our professional support team are on hand to assist with any hardware issue that may occur.

Our hands-on approach to hardware support means we are able to deal with potential problems efficiently before they become urgent and affect day-to-day operations. With remote desktop access to your terminal we can often respond instantly and resolve problems in a matter of minutes.

Syncro can provide your business with: -

Whatever your needs, we can provide impartial advice on your existing hardware solutions and offer guidance on upgrades. Syncro is here to help you keep your business running smoothly.

Finance options are also available, which can enable your business to reduce up-front costs and pay over time.





Cloud Services

Moving your operations to the Cloud may seem like a pretty overwhelming task, especially when you consider the value of your company information. Syncro-IT are here to help and can provide a carefully considered strategy based upon your current setup and security.

Cloud services are virtual services, which are accessed over the internet, and will revolutionise the way you use the internet and store files.

Cloud services allow you to remain connected to other users on a range of devices, whilst away from your office. This makes communication a much easier task between personnel as data can be accessed from mobile devices from any location.

Included in our Cloud services are:

Syncro-IT offers the latest in cloud technology; you pay for only what you need and all maintenance is handled by us leaving you with peace of mind.

Talk to Syncro-IT today about how we can streamline your business operations by utilising cloud solutions.

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