LS One

The complete POS and back office software for retail and hospitality businesses

LS One

It's time to unlock your potential.

Busy companies accommodate large numbers of customers with a wide range of requirements. In a competitive market, customers have high expectations, whether they are shopping at a local independent retail store or eating at a branch of a global chain. Speedy service, a quick payment process and fast, accurate responses to enquiries have become the norm. With increasing demands for quality service businesses are faced with additional challenges. LS One can handle these for you, easing day to day operations with smart and up-to-date solutions.

Designed for businesses of all sizes from small companies to large enterprises; LS One is a feature rich, quick-to-learn and extremely resilient Point of Sale solution. Serve your customers faster and better, integrate with your e-commerce platform, perform store operations on mobile devices and manage your stores more effectively with LS One.

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