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We offer simple, clear advice on all aspects of your ICT.

IT is a critical part of any business now and hardware - or software problems can cause major interruptions for the user. We are on hand to assess and carry out repairs and replacement of any necessary parts to get you back up and running. 

Having Networking issues, Office PC's failing or just running slow, help is on hand. We're committed to offering you a completely personalised service and solution for the IT challenges you face.


Site slow?

Our expert staff will help you track down coding and server configuration issues slowing down your site.

Its not always the server

Quite often the obvious answer to an underperforming site is to throw more server resource at it. While this may mask the issue it does not resolve the problem and can often be quite costly to the Merchant. There are many ways to boost the performance of a site without the addition of server resource, keeping the monthly cost down for the Merchant.

Dont hide behind caching

Caching is a great tool and a big part of the Magento platform. Quite often developers rely too heavily on caching and use it to mask poorly written or in-efficient code. When developing our sites we work without any caching and will not accept a page load time greater than 2 seconds. This practice results in a < 1sec average page load once the site is switched into production mode and caching has standard been turned on. Greater results can be achieved using additional caching layers on high traffic sites.

Can you fix it for me?

Consultancy is billed hourly. We will investigate and locate coding / configuration issues and make recommendations for you or your developer to implement. This process will pinpoint the problematic areas of your site and allow you to review and optimise the code yourself based on recommendations / guidelines from ourselves. Your consultant will provide you with as much or as little help as you require to achieve your goals. If you are not a developer we can optimise the code for you directly.

What if it is my server?

We offer a range of Magento hosting packages, please visit our Hosting Packages section for more information. A migration service is available to assist you with the move and our out of hours switchover service will minimise the impact to your business.