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Retail Management Hero (RMH)

The next generation of POS software for small retailers is here

As Microsoft’s Retail Management System (RMS) reaches its end of life, Retail Management Hero arrives as a robust and affordable solution for small retailers. The core functionality of RMS is present in Retail Management Hero, but with an updated Graphical User Interface and additional features based on RMS customer feedback. Many new features are available out of the box, such as charges, multi-language support, and touch screen optimization. Similar to RMS, Retail Management Hero is easily extendable and customizable to become the perfect POS solution for your small business.

RMH Product Feature Summary

Point-Of-Sale Capabilities
  • Customizable, resizable transaction screen
  • User definable keyboard & macros
  • Unlimited line item entry
  • Automatic price lookup; automatic calculation tax / VAT
  • Lookup quantity and item attribute
  • Display item picture, extended description & sub description
  • Select shipping carrier and calculate shipping charges by weight/value
  • Multi-tender (i.e. cash, check, CC)
  • Sell and redeem vouchers / gift cards
  • Perform voids and return at POS
  • CC authorization & sign capture
  • Mix & Match pricing structure
  • Discount total or line item
  • Add customer account
  • Access customer info (total sales, # of visits, last visit date)
  • Issue store credit / receive payment per invoice
  • Process deposit on orders
  • Search by customer's ship address
  • Create / process layaway, backorders, work orders & quotes
  • Credit items sold to sales persons
  • View daily sales graph at POS; print journal from any POS
  • Preview, search & print journals by POS, batch, receipt #
  • Print X, Z and ZZ reports; perform blind close
  • Print receipts, invoices and pick tickets with logos & graphics
  • Print kit components on receipt
  • Print/re-print gift receipt
  • PreviewX-reportand sales receipt
  • Manager override at POS
  • Accept layaway payments
  • Item display roll-up/product grouping
  • Apply destination tax item sales
  • Process account payments at POS
  • Capture order details, due date and manage deposits at POS
  • Once off item/sale charges
Inventory Control and Tracking
  • Track and manage inventory types
  • Organize and modify assembly, matrix and lot matrix items on spreadsheet-like forms
    Lookup and modify matrix item by specific attribute (e.g. size, color, fit)
  • Support multiple suppliers for item
  • Define "master pack" for ordering
  • Assign item substitute
  • Serial number tracking
  • Unlimited item aliases
  • Support parent and child quantity
  • Attach notes / messages to items
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Receive shipment / transfer in
  • Process external file (StockTake)
  • Store and track offline inventory (items not for sale, breakage, etc.)
  • Print bar code labels (20 formats)
  • Record supplier volume purchase
  • Manage accounting items that do not affect sales like shipping charge, duty etc.
  • Supports multiple delivery notes
  • Invoice matching
  • Calibrate cost based on invoiced price
  • Print PO in matrix format
  • Supplier item discount
  • Supplier item management
  • Manage cost adjustments
  • Create supplier & item credit notes
  • Access historic inventory & purchasing data
  • Advanced Item Setup with Item profile, User fields, Matrix, Calculation, Auto mode, Mandatory, Defaults
  • Unit of Measure (UOM), options for item & purchases; multiple UOM configuration options per item
  • Single point installation application
  • Single station
  • Multiple stations (network)
  • Multiple stores (optional/third party)
Time Saving Tools
      • Wizards to make changes en masse; advanced item update wizard, label designer and label print wizard
      • Import utility for items, price & cost changes
      • Budgeting and performance by register, sales rep, cashier, store, department, category
      • Versatile menu ribbon with system shortcuts
      • Intuitive BO system design with enhanced navigation
Inventory Types
      • Standard & service
      • Matrix (apparel), Lot matrix, Serialized (up to 3 serial numbers), Kit
      • Weight (tare, actual)
      • Non-Inventory items
      • Assembly items/Bill of Lading
      • Gasoline, Voucher
Supported Hardware
    • Cash drawers, Bar code readers, Mag card readers & MICR, Pole displays, Receipt
    • printers, Electronic scales, Signature capture, Touch screen, Secondary customer display
Built-In Reports
  • Sharpshooter reports with built-in editor
  • Over 300 reports; Xml report export
  • Filter, hide, sort and group report data
  • Drill down access
  • Modify details directly from report
  • Export data to multiple formats
  • Graphical charts
Advanced Security Options
    • User/role-based security
    • Access/display/change/edit/delete
    • Application role based security
    • Password policy
Complete Mobility Bundle
    • Stocktaking
    • Ranging
    • Price change
    • Create PO/Transfer in / out via mobile device
    • Print price/shelf edge label
Customer Information / Accounts Receivable
    • Search by name, postal code, customer #
    • Print mailing list
    • Track purchase including date and amount
    • Line Item Accounts Receivable
    • Charge to multiple A/R accounts from same sale
    • Configure group account access, availability & status
    • Define payment schedule and amount to be paid per schedule
    • Email A/R statements
    • Configure account adjustments, undo payments, place account on hold, unapply posting
    • Mix and Match I Buy X get Y discount
    • Lot Pricing (single, pack, case, etc.)
    • Multiple price levels I customer
    • Discount from retail, mark-up cost
    • Set Profit Margin, price rounding
    • Discount by amount
    • Lot pricing (single, pack, case, etc.)
    • Multiple taxes (VAT, GST, PST, etc.)
    • Multiple VAT / tax rate on sales commissions
    • Set up happy hours and sales schedules
    • Reason codes and analysis
Integration to variety of payment gateways and payment processors for credit/ debit card, EBT
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