Retail Management Hero

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Introducing the latest generation of Retail Management

Retail Management Hero (RMH) - the eagerly anticipated replacement for Microsoft Dynamics RMS is nearly here and our team at Syncro-IT are ready. Deemed the most advanced and feature rich POS solution available today, RMH is a complete external rewrite using the latest technology. It comes with all the features that you are familiar with from Microsoft Dynamics RMS for at its core, RMS still remains. However, with a new interface and some added functionality, this new POS system exceeds its predecessor.

RMH hosts a wide array of features allowing for a more efficient, practical and customer focused approach to modern day retailing. Available straight out of the box, RMH offers touch screen optimisation, integrated payment and stock management that is second to none. It allows you to customise your own retail reports and then export them directly into Excel, XML, CSV or some other analysis tool. It's simply the most powerful POS system yet.

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Find out why RMH is ideal for small to medium-sized retailers and gives them everything they need at the POS…and nothing they don’t.

Retail Management Hero Features

Amongst the many new features available to all RMH users, listed below are six key benefits.

Responsive design: Keeping pace with digital trends, RMH was designed to understand the modern world of retailing. With a new interface that is touch screen optimised, retailers can easily control their POS system from multiple devices.

Extend and customise: In the same way as RMS, RMH has been built to make it easily extendable and customisable. Based on third-party add-ons, you can make your POS system do even more and create the perfect solution for your business.

Multiple payment options: Give your customers the flexibility to pay with a method of their choice. Through RMH's integration to payment gateways and processors, this POS solution comes built with multiple payment processing options. Key features include EMV, Gift Card, EBT, Cashback and more.

Powerful reporting: Keep an eye on valuable store statistics with built in reports. RMH now makes it easier to take a glance at real time data so you can make informed business decisions on a day-to-day basis. For further analysis, RMH also supports custom-made reports so different retail industries can concentrate on their most significant figures.

E-receipts and customer data: Help the environment and gather invaluable customer data at the same time. RMH now products standard e-receipts that are emailed to your customers, allowing you to analyse what they buy and target them at a later date with personalised promotions.

Seamless transition from RMS: If you are currently using RMS, you'll be glad to know the transition to RMH is extremely easy. The keyboard shortcuts are the same, both function using the same hardware and there is no data transfer necessary, so no data will be at risk when switching from one to the other.


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Retail Management Hero (RMH) Integrations

Retail Management Hero (RMH) can be integrated with both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.0 to provide a complete two-way synchronisation solution.

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