Complete On-line Marketing Packages

We offer a dynamic service tailored to your needs

The Complete On-line Marketing Package


With consumer behaviour becoming more digitally sophisticated, most people find products or services they are looking for through an internet search engine. Our SEO services target the keywords and search phrases used by your customers and prospective customers to attract more traffic to your site. We only focus on relevant terms that are manageable so we can effectively track progression and performance.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with your customers, and here at Syncro-IT we can ensure that your social media represents your brand appropriately with graphically designed images and professional set-up that allows you to communicate better.We can offer advice on how, when and why to manage social media that is most suitable for your business needs.

Pay Per Click Management

Paid advertising from Google, Facebook and Twitter are important parts of any on-line marketing campaign. Creating relevant and engaging ads across social media and search engines is a very important part of generating traffic and conversions. Through Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ads and Google Shopping, we can design a dynamic PPC campaign allowing you to generate even more traffic and conversions.








We offer a dynamic service tailored to your needs. Whatever your focus or desire, we will work with you to design a plan formulated in such a way that it allows us and you to monitor performance with ease. Accountability and clarity are extremely important to our marketing team.

Our SEO services include:

SEO as we know it is constantly changing. An SEO campaign from Syncro-IT will to be dynamic, measurable and focused on what is important to you.







Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great way to promote your business. Not only do you have the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of new prospective customers, you are able to manage the perception of your business, and create a reputation that will make people want to visit your site. SMM from Syncro-IT is adaptable, engaging and targeted. We will work with you to define your target markets and the best ways to interact with your customers.

Our Social Media services include:

Social Media is a party, don’t be the boring guy in the background, take a step forward with Social Media Marketing.








Pay Per Click is one of the most important features of any top Online Marketing campaign. We use various PPC channels such as Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and Google Shopping to offer a fully customizable and targetable campaign that attracts the visitors and sales you want for a cost you can manage.

We can offer:

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