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RMS / RMH Magento Integration

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics RMS or Retail Management Hero (RMH) with your Magento ecommerce store for a seamless POS solution. Instead of managing two separate databases, our sync module allows you to control both your POS system and online store simultaneously.

Retrieved from RMS / RMH, all your core data can be sent up to your Magento webstore, allowing for a well laid out ecommerce platform and powerful two-way stock control. Whether you are adding items or updating prices in RMS / RMH, your Magento webstore will automatically reflect any changes. This means customers will always see the correct pricing and information for every item you sell, regardless of whether they are in-store or online. Likewise, you will never risk selling the same item twice. As soon as an item sells online, RMS / RMH will receive a notification and reduce its availability accordingly.

With our sync module, your RMS / RMH and Magento webstore are effectively managed through one combined database, so your business can run more efficiently. Just update one half of the sync and the other will mirror it. It is easy to set up, easy to use and once integrated, you will reap the benefits.

The Sync is sold on a tiered SAAS (Sold As A Service basis) payable monthly;

  • 1-1999 Products
  • 2000-3999 Products
  • 4000-9999 Products
  • 10000+ Products

Magento to RMS / RMH Sync Features


  • Stock and Pricing is kept perfectly in line over the whole catalogue within a 2 minute window.
  • POS Departments and Categories can be mapped to Magento categories allowing for an SEO friendly Magento category structure.
  • POS attributes can be mapped to Magento attributes allowing the sync to integrate with more custom Magento configurations.
  • Products are automatically added / removed on a 30 minute cycle.
  • Product images can be automatically sync'd up from RMS / RMH and added to the product for you.
  • Standard product POS attributes are updated on a 15 minute cycle.
  • You can also trigger actions manually from the admin panel if you don't wish to wait for the automated cycles.
  • Orders can be brought down to a POS for processing as work orders.
  • The sync can be configured to automatically mark the order as shipped once tendered in RMS / RMH

A word from our Web Manager

August 2018


"I believe it would be easier to give you a more detailed breakdown of the syncs functionality so you know exactly what it does currently and features which are in development at the moment.

Magento 2 gave us the opportunity to rework the original syncs functionality based on customer feedback and features that had been requested over time.

The sync is designed to not directly join the 2 systems as its predecessor did. It uses the item lookup code field in RMS/RMH to map between the 2 systems. This means you can add/import data to Magento in the normal way and as long as the sku / item lookup code match, the product data will be sync’d. How much data is sync’d can be configured on the local side of the sync.

The sync performs a full price and stock check every 5 minutes. Any discrepancies it finds are updated 1000 products at a time in 25 product chunks. Performing the stock and price sync in this way means the data is never more than 5 minutes out of date and nothing is missed as can be the case with incremental syncs.

The sync supports attribute mapping which serves 2 purposes. The first is that it eliminates spelling mistakes and general duplication of attribute data. We previously experienced many issues created by clients having POS attributes like colour, hat colour, shirt colour etc which created confusion on the layered navigation. These can now be mapped to the colour attribute in Magento thus meaning the layered nav works correctly.

We recognised early on that the POS categorisation needs to work well for a store / warehouse scenario but does not usually work well for web. There is a category mapping system built into the sync allowing you to map your POS departments and categories to multiple Magento categories. We believe this gives the most flexible solution possible.

The sync can be operated in 2 modes. The first is a safe mode which means that the sync cannot delete products but can only disable them. The second allows the sync to delete products which have been marked as inactive or not a web item at POS. We normally recommend running the system in safe mode for a while to make sure all your POS data is in order before moving the system to the live mode. I should point out that this was added after several clients lost data when accidentally marking items as inactive or off the web. In live mode marking an item as inactive or off the web will result in the item being removed from Magento and this all enriching data will be lost.

The sync pulls the order data down into RMS / RMH as a work order which can then be amended and tendered as necessary. Once tendered at the POS the order is marked as shipped in Magento and the shipping email is sent."


We have extensions available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. The Magento module is supplied to your developer to install onto the site. This si so the code is added properly via version control systems and installed by a developer with intimate knowledge of your customised code base. Once installed, a member of the team here will complete the configuration via the Magento admin panel and will install and pair the localised POS installations for you.

HQINST001 - HQ HQ/Standalone POS link to Magento setup £550.00 + VAT

POSINST001 - Additional POS setup £95.00 + VAT


Support is available and charged at our hourly rate.

If you have any queries or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.