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Manage your operations with Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) is a point of sale solution for small to mid-size retailers. RMS is an easy to use and affordable way to control your single store or multi store business. This POS solution has been designed to make it simpler for the retailer to improve the customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics RMS is scalable and customisable and can grow as you and your business grows.


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Both the single branch and HQ options provide full integration between Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Magento. RMS supports both single store with a single till or multiple tills on one site as well as multi store, using a central stock database that will communicate with all retail stores and warehouses.






Microsoft Dynamics RMS Features

Built for small to mid-size retailers, we've combined a few features that RMS offers to provide a point of sale solution.

Improve profit margins: RMS is cost-effective, easy to use and gives you critical information to help you run your business more effectively, improve costs and increase on profits.

Easy to learn and train: You can train employees in minutes and start importing and printing straight away. Track employees hours on the system and gain maximum productivity from staff.

Supports matrix/bundle items: Synchronise complex matrix items directly into your website, saving time and money; perfect for fashion and footwear retailers that have size, colour and style requirements.

Central stock database: Create items once in Microsoft Dynamics RMS and watch them synchronise automatically with your Magento ecommerce site.

Accelerated tracking and reporting: Automatically track and report on all activity, sales and stock as standard in your RMS system.

Build customer loyalty: You can track customer visits and purchase histories, customise receipts and price labels and tailor marketing to customer preferences, building rapport and relationships with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Web Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) can be integrated with Magento. Simply link your online ecommerce Magento webstore to your bricks and mortar retail outlet by using just one database.  


To find out more about a Magento integration with Microsoft RMS, click here.





Microsoft Retail Management (RMS) System Modules

Microsoft Dynamics RMS modules are add-ons that can improve the functionality of your electronic point of sale (EPoS) more personalised for your commercial needs. Your individual business needs are important to us here at Syncro-IT, so we can help to recommend the best system modules for your company. Our team of experts can best advise you on many quality modules with different capabilities. The list of modules below shows the full extent of RMS system modules.

Fashion Bundle: Provide your EPoS system with features that would be advantageous to a clothes or fashion retailer, allowing for size and colour variations to be added to your product descriptions, giving you easier stock control and online ordering management.

Mobility Bundle: This module allows your system the mobility to be used around your premises, allowing for easier stock control, in-store price checking, mobile ordering/printing, providing you with the convenience and efficiency to carry out day-to-day chores.

Promotion Bundle: With this, you can run store promotions on your EPoS with ease. The module allows the use of unrelated promotions which can be both amount and % related. For example, one to one (buy this, get that), many to one (buy this and this and this and get that), or one to many (buy this, get that and that and that). A great tool to manage your stock levels.

EFT Card Processing Interface: This is an important module that will accept payment from debit or credit cards, either through your EPoS or integrated web store. With more and more customers using debit and credit cards to purchase goods, this module will prove exceptionally valuable to any business.

Gift Loyalty Module: This module can track and entice frequent customers. It tracks shopping habits and can reward your frequent customers with an incentive of your choice, from your store, in order for them to return repeatedly.

Multi Location: Allows for better stock management among multiple locations, so that in the click of a button, you can find out where your stock is and how much of it you have. This would be ideal for any company with multiple locations, or a store and a warehouse.

Archiving: An added function that takes all of the old information from your RMS till and web store database and safely stores it in a new, separate database for safe keeping. This will ensure that all of your important information is kept but not on your EPoS system, slowing it down.

Import Utility: This ensures your website can be updated and items can be imported from another database on different formats to RMS. This means that you do not have to manually update each product onto your stock database.

Allocation Manager: Allows customer orders through your RMS system and prioritises distribution time, dependent on your current stock level and the amount demanded. You will therefore have much tighter control on your stock distribution, ensuring orders will not be part completed due to low stock levels.

Distribution Manager: For traders with multiple locations, or an online store, the distribution manager allows for payment to be taken from the desired location, and then an order to distribute the product to the correct point of sale or delivery address. This module allows for individual store revenue to be maintained for better location performance monitoring.

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